Zechariah begins this chapter with an angel kind of waking him up.  This book is highly prophetic and highly symbolic.  Some of his prophesies go on thousands of years to Christ's second advent (coming) to this world. The angel asks Zechariah a question, "What do you see?" I am not expounding on this chapter but I am asking you who read, do you see anything when you read anything in the Bible? It is there for us to read and see what God by the Holy Spirit wants us to know.
Zechariah is shown a seven branched lampstand with olive oil piped into them.  He asks the angel, "What are these my Lord?"  We need an inquisitive spirit when seeking things from the word of God.  The answer, "This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel. He is in the kingly line of David and later Christ, however through Joseph and not Mary.  I haven't got sufficient room to explain all that is here.  What I want to emphasize here is the inquisitive spirit of Zechariah was rewarded .  We will be too as we go through the book.

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