I find it amazing that this description is written in the day of Josiah the king of Judah.  He was a good king and he brought a sort of revival into a very corrupt land.  He was one of the few prenamed people in the Bible.  Yet what he did was not to last very long.  Things got worse and worse.  In chapter 2 verse 1, God calls them a nation not desired.  In verse three the meet of the earth are to seek the LORD.  There is a phrase that interests me.  "It may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger.  That could be their choice, otherwise it will be disaster.

We have the same choice.  However ours is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ who died to set us free from the slavery of sin.  It seems like the choices to sin is greater than ever in our day.  Our purpose in this life is to turn aside from the sinful way of life, and to seek others to follow with us.

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